The Project

The aim of the project “Grouse and Tourism in Natura 2000 Areas” was to develop identical guidelines for tourism and recreation in Natura 2000 areas, focusing on grouse as exemplary species. The guidelines should serve as a basis for the development of specific management plans, adapted to the individual European regions.

The guidelines were developed by an international, interdisciplinary team of scientific experts and professionals. The emphasis was not put on the development of specialised, detailed management objectives. The priority was to consider the interests of different stakeholders (nature protection, tourism, agriculture and forestry, as well as hunting), who deal with grouse and tourism, and reach a consensus. This is a new approach: Although guidelines for several of the different individual aspects had already been developed in the past (e.g. guidelines on sustainable hunting or eco-tourism in Natura 2000 areas), there had not previously been an interdisciplinary, holistic approach.

The guidelines should serve as a tool for the development and assessment of implementation measures, as well as public relations. Target groups are the different initiatives, associations, research institutes and authorities concerned with grouse, nature protection, landscape management and tourism. Another aim of the project is to initiate international cooperation and give new impetus towards integrated nature protection and sustainable land use concepts new impetus.

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